MLB Trade Deadline Looming


The Major League Baseball season is by far the longest in professional sports. Over the course of a 162-game season, it can seem that there are a lack of milestones and key dates to focus on. While there are definitely slow parts of the season, the looming trade deadline is definitely one of the most exciting points of the season.

This year, the trade deadline is likely to see several marquee players change teams. This time of the year allows teams that are competing for the playoffs to add new players while those that are struggling will be able to gain new prospects and build for the future. This year, there are three players in particular that are rumored to be changing teams (

The three players that are most likely to have new homes in the coming week are Sonny Gray of the Oakland Athletics, Yu Darvish of the Texas Rangers, and Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers. All three of these players are starting pitchers that are able to log a lot of innings. This can be a very valuable service for any team that is looking to make a push towards the playoffs and World Series. All three of these pitchers are also solid starters and are having good seasons.

The teams that seem to be most focused on adding a new pitcher are the Yankees, Cubs, Dodgers, and Brewers. The Yankees and Cubs have both already made some big moves this year by adding new pitchers to their staffs. However, they both still have room in their rotation for at least one more quality starter. The Yankees and Cubs are both currently in playoff contention, but could use another player to push them over the edge.

The Dodgers have been the most dominant team in baseball this season. They are a foregone conclusion to win their division, but have recently had some injury concerns. Adding another good pitcher will give them the assurance that they will have the staff necessary to compete in the playoffs.

The Brewers were one of the most surprising teams in Major League Baseball at the beginning of the season. They ended up building a big division lead by the All-Star break, but have been in a rough patch over the past few weeks. Adding a new arm could give them the push that is needed to right the ship and win.


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