Internationally Recognized Business Executive Glen Wakeman Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed


The chief executive officer and a co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, Glen Wakeman has 32 years of experience in finance, business development, and technology that dates back to 1985. Glen Wakeman graduated with his Bachelor of Science from the University of Scranton in 1981. He began a more than 20-year career working for GE Money in roles of increasing responsibility. During his tenure at GE, Glen Wakeman served in multiple capacities in operations, information technology, business development, P&L, general management and country management. He most recently served as the CEO of the Latin American division. His work at GE gave him the opportunity to live and work in multiple countries in Asia, Europe, and South America for 15 years. During his career at GE, Glen Wakeman returned to school, completing his Master of Business Administration in finance at the prestigious University of Chicago in 1993.

In 2006, Glen Wakeman was recruited to help turn around the Doral Financial Corporation. While serving as its CEO and chairman of the board of directors at Doral Bank, Wakeman was able to recapitalize the bank and turn it around, transforming it from an inefficient, single-line financial institution into a community bank, which included the establishment of a stand-alone, $2.7 billion separate U.S. operation from the headquarters in Puerto Rico (NewsSky). Glen Wakeman stayed with the bank until March 2015 before founding Nova Four in May 2015 and LaunchPad Holdings LLC in Nov. 2015.


Glen Wakeman currently serves as the president and principal of Nova Four where he focuses on accelerating businesses by offering access to capital and strategic mentoring. In order to help developing companies become self-sustaining, he coaches CEOs and boards so that they can achieve sustainability.


Early-stage entrepreneurs are able to get help from Glen Wakeman by accessing his LaunchPad Tool Kit at An asset of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, LaunchPad Tool Kit is a SAAS platform that allows new business owners and entrepreneurs to access online business planning assistance.


Over his lengthy career, Glen Wakeman has helped to transform businesses with $15 billion in assets and more than 17,000 employees, helping them to succeed and grow. He has guided entrepreneurs and companies through start-ups, divestitures, exponential growth, new market entries and mergers and acquisitions. Glen Wakeman’s proven methodology focuses on five key areas, including risk management, human capital, leadership, governance, and execution.

Dedicated to helping businesses succeed, Glen Wakeman is an accomplished writer who regularly posts blogs through which he offers insight into such topics as raising capital, obtaining angel financing, business strategies, emerging markets, international markets and more. His work as a corporate and business mentor has allowed him to help numerous C-level executives, and he currently assists Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded.


Glen Wakeman has earned the respect and admiration of his peers, and he has received numerous international awards throughout his long career. His awards have included recognitions of his dedication to corporate social responsibility and leadership. When he was at GE Money, he supervised business operations in more than 30 countries while living in six different nations, and he was recognized by the GE board of directors as a role model in the area of growth leadership.


Glen Wakeman says that he started LaunchPad because he wanted to help to stave off the number of new businesses that do not succeed. When he investigated why the rate of failure was so high, he found that a large part of the problem was a lack of structure around the ideas behind the businesses. He wanted to make it easier for entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into actual plans by offering the LaunchPad Tool Kit to help them with developing thorough and smart business plans.


A trend that excites Wakeman is the move toward using technology to better inform the business development and sustainability process. With the ready availability of data and information, he believes that machine learning can be used to offer solutions-oriented information to businesses.


Wakeman offers advice to new entrepreneurs and business owners to constantly question their value propositions and to state their ideas out loud. By questioning the value propositions behind products, Wakeman believes that businesses can hone their offers to make them more valuable. He also believes that by stating ideas out loud, entrepreneurs can sift through the ones that are not good and hit with the ones that shine. He also says that one strategy that has helped him in his own businesses is to constantly expand his network and reach out to others. He says that there are numerous forums available through capital providers, colleges, and governments. Through these forums, entrepreneurs can build networks and help them to access capital, new contacts and new ideas for business growth. Wakeman strongly recommends that entrepreneurs and business owners keep records of their contacts and regularly engage with them. Having a good network of contacts can help businesses to build their customer bases, identify capital funding sources and grow. The existence of a strong and ever-expanding network can make the difference between a business’s ultimate success or failure.


Recognizing that all people and businesses experience setbacks at some point, Wakeman says that the importance of setbacks is that they offer the opportunity to learn and to grow. Wakeman offers an example of one of his own failures, which was a start-up business called Snappy. This business offered answering-machine messages that were funny. What he learned from this business effort was that his lack of a business plan ultimately led to Snappy’s failure. He says that he derived great value from the lesson that he learned, and he advises that other business owners and entrepreneurs also view the setbacks that they experience as lessons from which they can learn so that they can move forward successfully.


Glen Wakeman is an internationally recognized global business executive who wants to give back to the business community by helping new and developing companies with business development and planning services ( With LauncPad Tool Kit and Wakeman’s blog posts, entrepreneurs may access his wealth of knowledge and increase their chances of succeeding with their new businesses.


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