Obi-Wan Solo Film May Finally Be in the Works


After many years of demand, fans of Star Wars’ Obi-Wan Kenobi may finally see the character star in his own feature film.

As Entertainment Weekly stresses, however, this is not yet confirmed to be in the works. Rather, this is just one of the projects listed as potentially in development at Lucasfilm as a new project following Star Wars Episode IX in 2019.

Currently, the most information we have comes from The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit who claims Stephen Daldry (The Crown, Billy Elliott, The Reader) is in talks to direct should the project be greenlit. Additionally, Ewan McGregor, who played Obi-Wan in the prequel films, has stated multiple times that he would be interested in reprising the character for future films if the opportunity was made available, likely meaning he would take the lead role. Even so, those close to Kit say that any announcements of his involvement with the film are “premature, at best.”

Most recently, the character was last referenced in The Force Awakens, his voice heard in a key scene near the middle of the film (the audio taken by splicing McGregor’s voice with lines by Alec Guinness, who played an older Obi-Wan in the original film trilogy). This may hint at plans for future development for the character and his past in the newest movies, explaining why it has taken so long to develop a much-demanded Obi-Wan solo film in the first place.

Essentially, while there has yet to be any concrete confirmation or denial by Disney or Lucasfilm as to the state of the film, this new development coupled with heavy demand from fans and McGregor’s desire to play his character once more make it hard to believe this project won’t happen eventually. This makes it less of a question of “if” and more of “when”.


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