Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Among the Fastest Growing Companies in America, Inc. 5000 List Confirms


The first Hawaiian volcanic water brand, Waiakea Hawaiian Bottled Water, is now ranked 414 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America. Waiakea’s substantial growth over the last three years puts it even higher in the more exclusive list of Inc. 500, which includes leading companies such as Microsoft, GoPro, Patagonia, Zappos, Under Armour, and Timberland. This ranking is done by Annually, Inc. Magazine, and considers thousands of the nation’s leading companies and ranks them according to their revenue growth rate over a span of three years.

From 2014 to 2016, Waiakea water has seen an impressive growth of 1,059.3%. The best-bottled water brand is celebrating its inclusion in the list of elite companies to be honored at the 2017 Inc. 5000 Conference scheduled on Oct 10 in California.

The founder and CEO of Waiakea, Ryan Emmons, said that the company is thrilled that they made it to the top 500 of Inc. 5000 list. “We have been dreaming about being on this exclusive list since Waiakea was founded. I am incredibly proud of our achievements, and I am looking forward to the future accomplishments and innovations of our brand.”

According to Emmons, their inclusion in America’s fastest growing companies is a proof that there are many ways to run a business successfully. He said that Waiakea has openly shown that a business can flourish and still maintain its moral and social responsibilities to its clients and planet at large. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water business model is built on various ethical, health and eco-friendly initiatives. The award-winning brand is an image of an innovative company that cares about the environment and society.

About Waiakea Inc.

Waiakea was founded in 2012 as the first volcanic water brand in Hawaii. The premium water brand is produced on a unique platform of healthy, charitable, and sustainable attributes and initiatives. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has a mission to provide naturally healthy water through a resonating lifestyle brand that inspires and creates real positive changes in different ways. The brand has created a transformation in the water bottling and beverage industry by implementing a triple bottom line model that apart from increasing profits, cares about people and the entire planet. The brand contributes and promotes clean water access, environmental conservation and educated to millions of people in America and throughout the world.

The naturally alkaline volcanic water originates from the snowmelt and rains on the active Mauna Loa volcano peak- one of the environments in the world. The water is then filtered through porous lava which enhances it with minerals to make it naturally alkaline, giving it a distinctive, delicious taste. Waiakea water is the first American bottled water company to be awarded a carbon neutral certification, and alongside its many eco-initiatives, it is honored as the industry leader in sustainability. Waiakea water, therefore, prides itself of being the World’s Greenest, healthiest and most charitable premium water brand on the planet. Their slogan being, “Drink Healthy, Drink Sustainably, Drink Ethically–Drink Waiakea.”

A Socially Responsible, Award-Winning Brand

Since establishment, Waiakea has been recognized globally for its innovation. In line with respecting and caring for the land, Waiakea provides naturally healthy, mineral-rich water with a wide array of benefits. Apart from sustainable sourcing and packaging, the company has successfully implemented regional reforestation projects to conserve the environment further. The top brand has also shown social responsibility by helping the less fortunate people in the world who are in need of clean water.

The brand has also been working with leading emissions consultants in the world such as The CarbonNeutral and Ecometrica companies to help them reduce their environmental impacts from their business and products to zero. Through their services, Waiakea is looking forward to using fully biodegradable water bottles by the end of 2017.

Waiakea Water has and will continue setting high standards, promoting active lifestyles and changing lives in support of the summit. This has seen the brand win several awards which include:
– The 2015 Food and Beverage Innovation Award 2015
– Best Biz Awards – The Most Socially Responsible Company in North America Gold in 2015
– Dujour Awards- The Most Elite Bottled Water on the Market
– The Finalist, Packaging Design and Taste Awards
– Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative and Best Packaged Water
– Best In Show – Water Gold
– #2 Leading Bottled Water Brands 2016 globally.

Waiakea Water has been noted for its purity, sustainability, superior alkalinity and wealth of minerals. Based on quantitative and qualitative factors such as social impact, taste, health benefits and reviews, the brand has outshined other iconic brands to receive plenty of awards, consumer preference and massive following worldwide.

Waiakea Hawaiian Water: Helping to End Thirst in Africa

The world has been continuously facing a water crisis. A significant number of people, about 700 million, lack access to clean water. For this reason, many children are dying from water related illnesses. Waiakea was founded with a goal to bring changes to the environment and people in need of clean, essential drinking water in the world. In line with their goal, Waiakea donates 650 liters of clean water for every liter of water they sell. This donation is estimated to be over 5% of the company’s revenue.

As part of their comprehensive approach to the world water crisis, Waiakea water has established a partnership with Pump Aid to help disadvantaged communities in rural parts of Africa. Emmons, the brand founder, says that through their partnership with Pump Aid has, over 1.35 million people in the most vulnerable parts of Africa can now access clean drinking water and basic sanitation. In the largely arid country of Malawi, they have supplied more than 4,230 pumps which serve over 487,600 people daily. Waiakea and Pump Aid work together with local community leaders in the provision of their services, creating more opportunities for the jobless in these countries.

Waiakea through Pump Aid has helped more children in Africa get education, reduced cases malnutrition and water borne diseases, and helped women devote to other life needs. Waiakea has a goal to change and save more lives by expanding throughout the sub-Saharan Africa. Through the brand’s uniqueness, Waiakea has gained a positive reputation in the market and seen exponential growth in their profit margins.

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