What We Learned from London 2017


The just concluded World Championships in London was action packed. Nevertheless, some critics say that it was a disappointing one considering that Usain Bolt was beaten by Justin Gatlin in the men’s 100 meters. Bolt suffered another defeat seven days later only that he was beaten by a cramp. In this world championships, Wayde van Niekerk failed to win the 200/400m double. As for Isaac Makwala, he couldn’t even feature in these events due to some illness. Mo Farah who had 10 golds to show since he began long distance races could only settle for silver. The United States led the medal table while Britain could only finish fourth. Other than one grey night, most of the nights in the concluded world championship were wet and cold. This championship saw the old guard replaced with the new guard. It’s a championship that will be remembered for many upsets. For instance, Elaine Thomson the double Olympic champion in women 100m failed to finish in the medal’s list. As for Keni Harrison who is the world record holder, she was eliminated in the sprint hurdles. In the 400m race, Karsten Warholm from Norway overshadowed Kerron Clement who is the Olympic champion in this category.

The championship also experienced some comebacks. For instance, Sally Pearson was able to redeem herself after some time on the sideline due to a shattered wrist. Also, Luvo Manyonga from South Africa made her comeback from crystal meth addiction. According to experts, the races that can be described as thrillers were the men’s 800m and women’s 1500m. In a completion that Russia didn’t attend, many countries had the chance to redeem themselves. Perhaps, this is one of the cleanest championships in the recent years. However, one thing remains as clear as day, athletics medals are more difficult to win considering that there are 208 nations that make the IAAF. During these championships, 43 nations managed to win medals. Out of these medals, 27 were gold. As for Britain, the country has finished fourth in the last five championships. Many people from the nation feel that this is an underachievement. As for the individual athletes who have participated in these events, it’s an achievement to them. These championships managed to bring something pessimistic about athletics. For instance, London saw the end of an era for Bolt and the continued fight against doping. After 10 days and 705,000 people attending the event, a lot lies ahead for the sport.


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