Lori Senecal: Marketing and Advertising Trends for Business Owners

We live in a visual world, and business owners need advertisements that set them apart from the crowd in order to be successful and garner attention. With almost all adults having access to a smart phone, it’s no surprise that people are inundated with constant visual stimuli all day, making it hard for business owners to truly make their mark in a sea of visual clutter. Additionally, the advertising techniques that worked years ago don’t have the same effect in our age of modern technology. What can business owners do to give themselves a competitive edge? The following eight trends outlined by Lori Senecal in advertising and marketing are areas that all business owners, small and large, should be paying attention to.

Eight Trends in Advertising and Marketing

If you’re a small or large business owner, you already understand the significance of setting yourself apart from your competition through effective and creative advertising. The following eight advertising trends are important to pay attention to, as they can help you garner attention and remain ahead of the game.

* Influencer Marketing

Having a spokesperson for your product speaks volumes to potential customers. Sure, an advertisement alone can effectively sell items, but potential customers are much more likely to put their trust in a product backed by someone they see as a trusted, intelligent leader. Having the right person represent your product in a truly authentic way can help you garner more trust from consumers.

* Interactive Versus Passive Content

Words and graphics are great in advertisements, especially when done creatively, but offering truly interactive ads really pulls a viewer in. Advertisements with interactive quizzes or surveys can be great ways to get viewers to actively participate in the content you’re offering, making them unlikely to forget your product.

* Mobile Centered Technology

Almost all adults today have access to a smart phone or other similar mobile devices. The overwhelming majority of Facebook users access their social media accounts directly from their mobile device rather than a laptop or desktop computer. Advertisements today need to be mobile friendly. This can include vivid images, less text, playful use of bright color, and interactive videos where appropriate.

* Social Media Considerations

If business owners aren’t advertising in some way, shape, or form on social media, they are losing out on a massive stream of potential income and repeat sales. With over two billion Facebook users alone, getting your product in front of the masses has never been easier than it currently is with various social media platforms. However, Facebook means more competition since many other business owners are catching on to the same thing. All it means is that you must develop creative ways to set yourself apart. Bold colors, personable stories using real people, and catchy videos can all help differentiate your business from the sea of others on social media feeds.

* Virtual Reality

Utilizing virtual reality can be a highly effective way to merge online imaginary worlds and the real world. We saw a prime example of this with the Pokemon craze that got players up and moving out of their homes and offices in search of virtual Pokemon characters. These types of techniques can be very powerful for getting attention and driving very real business results and increased sales.

* Unfiltered Stories

With a few clicks of a button, anyone can make themselves look perfect using filters or other editing applications. However, that approach is becoming outdated as viewers have begun to pay attention to more heartfelt, unfiltered, and real stories and ads. Most people are drawn to others they see as being somewhat like themselves in a relatable way. Therefore, we are seeing more advertisements using unfiltered characters and stories that resonate with viewers.

* Naive and Playful Approaches

Visual images that are spontaneous, playful, or even downright quirky can have a massive appeal to viewers because they provide a break from the reality of the day and really strike a person with their humor and casual, upbeat fun.

* Temporary Content

Snapchat made temporary content famous, and it remains extremely popular today. In a similar token, today’s younger generations have grown up inundated by various forms of technology featuring instant access to all sorts of information. For this reason, they tend to also have extremely short attention spans, which used to create issues in the advertising world. Short-lived content that grabs the attention of consumers before disappearing should be used to appeal to a large customer base who simply doesn’t take the time to dwell on advertisements for long periods of time.

More About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a hard working, dedicated, and powerful business woman with much experience in the world of creative and digital advertising. She currently serves her role as the CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, where she is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of their nine international offices and the global expansion of their company. Having worked directly with many industry giants during the duration of her professional career thus far, Lori Senecal understands the importance of remaining unique and on top of the current trends in advertising.

Aside from years of personal success in her profession, Lori Senecal excels at being an excellent example and mentor for other female business leaders. She had dedicated a portion of her time to developing a strong mentorship program, providing assistance for other powerful business women and helping them reach the same level of success that she has enjoyed. Lori Senecal has been recognized many times during her career for the contributions she has made to the advertising industry, and today she strives to work hard to keep this reputation alive.

Owning a business and remaining competitive in a cutthroat industry requires a great deal of hard work and dedication, plus a little creative thinking when it comes to advertising. Since things are drastically different today than they were decades ago, business owners have to be sure they keep up with the modern advancements of our time and adjust their advertising techniques as necessary. By keeping abreast of current market trends and the types of advertising methods that grab the attention of viewers, business owners can ensure that they remain competitive and successful for many years to come.

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