NFL Cuts: Cleveland Browns Oust Osweiler


There’s no getting around it–the days are starting to get a little shorter; the weather, a little less blazing-hot. Sadly, Summer is on its way out and now Autumn is peaking its head around the corner. However, for millions of faithful fans, the change of seasons really only means one thing: move over baseball–America’s real pastime is back!

That’s right, we’re talking about football.

Final Preparations Around the NFL

This Saturday marks an important pre-season date: teams must have their rosters cut from 90 down to a lean 53 men. While teams across the league are shuffling their line-ups and making last-minute changes and adjustents, the Cleveland Browns surprised everybody this week with the announcement that they’re dropping Brock Osweiler.

Osweiler Cut by the Browns: What Happened?

At 6’7″, Brock Osweiler is something of a giant on the football field. Unfortunately, he hasn’t made a gigantic impression on any particular team in recent years. As a matter of fact, Osweiler might begin to feel like he’s in the movie “Groundhog Day”–this is the third team that has cut him in as many seasons.

Don’t cry for Brock Osweiler, though–according to the Washington Post, he gets to keep his $16 million salary thanks to a particularly odious blunder by the Browns management.

What (and Who) Is Next for the Browns?

After the disastrous acquisition that Osweiler represented, what do the Cleveland Browns have up their sleeve? Namely, the Houston Texan’s second-round draft pick in 2018. This is the result of the unusual trade in which the Browns initially acquired Osweiler (ironically, to get him off of their salary cap).

What will this change mean for Cleveland? It remains to be seen: right now, they’re building a young team from the ground up, so a choice pick in the draft might be just what the doctor ordered. The Browns staff reports that they are “very excited” to receive a second-round pick next season.

Cleveland residents might want to put their faith in the Cavaliers this year, although the Browns have always pulled off their share of surprises. As of the time of writing, Osweiler has not been signed.

That’s the scoop on the exciting last-minute switch up that just happened in Cleveland. Subscribe or bookmark this page for all of your hard-hitting NFL and, indeed, all sports-related news.


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