OneLogin is Pioneering a New Standard in SSO Integration for Corporations


Society is at a point in time where information is easily accessible to anyone. While most people enjoy this modern convenience, there is a downside to it. With more information and easier accessibility, it is becoming increasingly easier to risk personal security and company security. This factor can cause companies to find the need for large IT departments. As you can imagine, that can’t help anyone’s budget. This is why it is so important to secure single sign-on (SSO) integration into the modern business model. Services like OneLogin can not only ensure stronger security, but also reduced costs. Integrating this SSO will allows employees to reallocate their time and efforts to other company needs. Having an SSO increases security and simplifies daily tasks on every level. Not only is it cost effective and stronger, OneLogin takes less effort on employees’ ends.

The way this technology works is simple. It’s common knowledge that most current information and data rely on some sort of cloud. To ensure the success of a company’s identity and access management (IAM), OneLogin allows employees to access all software that they may need at once instead of spending company paid time logging into each one individually. SSO allows the IT department to monitor all of the employee’s activities in one place. This allows more efficient monitoring of threats or restricting access to certain files. This system also allows easy access to all employee information in the circumstance of an audit, detailing time stamps and information about access to company files.

OneLogin is able to greatly benefit companies in terms of convenience, and not only that. Having an SSO is a simple way to reduce company costs as well. By giving employees more time to focus on their deadlines at hand instead of tedious logins, OneLogin increases productivity. Having this capability gives the peace of mind that employee labor is as efficient and cost effective as possible. Freeing up more time for IT teams to focus on other issues also allows the department to utilize their labor costs on more complex, important issues. Their time will no longer be occupied with minor login errors and problems of the like.

As technology expands, so, must we. Being that most of the things we do are deeply entwined in the ever-present cloud, it is incredibly important that companies adapt in the best way possible. Adopting an SSO like OneLogin only provides positive results at every level. From the simplest position to the highest in the company, an easier system like this creates a more efficient company in totality. Soon, having a program like OneLogin will prove to not only be helpful but essential in identity and access management for any enterprise. There is no end to the addition of applications in the cloud, and with that knowledge companies must make the best choice for each aspect of their business. Integrating an SSO is an easy decision to make and an easy system to integrate. OneLogin will secure and simplify companies in an incomparable manner.


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