The Inhumans to Make Their Debut on IMAX


Marvel’s upcoming series, The Inhumans, is poised to make television history. The program screens in IMAX format on several screens across the United States. What makes the screenings so special is the series hasn’t already debuted on ABC network television. So, The Inhumans becomes the first live-action television series to debut in theaters before ever airing on television.

The unique rollout of the series makes sense considering how hugely popular superhero movies are. Even after many years, the superhero movie cycle has yet to suffer a major slowdown. Audiences still love comic book movies. The most dedicated fans pay extra to see features at an IMAX theater. Likely, a number of them will show up to see The Inhumans on IMAX. The intention here is likely to generate a buzz for the serious prior to its arrival on ABC.

The mere fact the series appears on IMAX screens garners the program press. Anything that helps get the series’ name out there in advance of its debut on television should assist ratings. The more news that appears online and in print, the more people learn about the show. A percentage of them might give the series a look. These potential viewers might not have been reached had not added news and buzz generated out of reports about the IMAX screening.

The Inhumans does need a bit of help in advance of its impending arrival on television. The current buzz lacks positive sentiments. Whispering fans suggest the show will be one of Marvel’s biggest failures. Complaints about the look of the hero Medusa and the wooden dialog in clips have not helped stimulate much interest.

ABC really wants The Inhumans to be a hit. Agents of S,H.I.E.L.D. currently suffers from ratings concerns. Other networks, cable channels, and screening services do quite well thanks to the superhero fad. ABC doesn’t want to lose out. Unfortunately, an IMAX buzz might not be able to save a series suffering from quality issues.


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