Chicago Bears Lose After Turnovers


The Chicago Bears have one of the largest fanbases in the country. However, the Bears have had trouble fielding a decent team over the past decade. Since losing to the Colts in the Super Bowl, the Bears have had various issues with their roster.

In the latest draft, the Bears drafted a new quarterback to help their offense. However, the offense is still lacking various weapons in order to be effective. On Monday night, the Bears faced the Vikings. The Vikings have issues of their own, but they do have a strong defense and a decent running game. Despite playing the game close, the Bears lost after a late interception from their rookie quarterback.

Offensive Issues

The biggest problem for the Bears over the past few years has been the offense. The Bears have not had a solid starting quarterback for many years. In the NFL today, the offense revolves around the quarterback. If your team has an elite quarterback, you have a great chance of reaching the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

The Bears decided to take a quarterback early in the latest draft. The team even traded with another team to pick Mitchell Trubisky out of North Carolina. Although he has performed well so far during the season, he is still a young quarterback who is going to make mistakes. With just one win so far this season, making the playoffs is probably out of the question for the Bears.


When the Bears were one of the best teams in the league, they had a solid defense that was great against the run. However, the defense became older, and the team did not draft quality players to replace them.

If the Bears are going to become elite again, the team must start investing draft picks and money into the defense. The last draft class was mostly focused around the offense. It will be interesting to see what the team does for the rest of the year. With the trade deadline approaching, there is still time to make moves in order to improve the roster.

The Bears have many fans who are hungry to see a good team again. Although the team is better than last year, it still looks like it will be several years before the team makes the playoffs again.


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