Doe Deere is Bringing Childhood Trends Back


One might think that an adult would want to dress her age. That’s often not the case when it comes to fashions seen on social media sites. Companies are bringing back vintage looks and the accessories to go with them. These are looks that would have been alright as a child but not as an adult. When you look online, you can see everything from glitter and bright colors to older toys that include Polly Pocket and Teddy Ruxpin. The question that many people have is why someone would want to wear these things and keep these things in the closet or in the bedroom as an adult. These are items that are deemed to be childish for adults because they are things that their children would likely have instead. One trend that is going to make an appearance in 2018 is My Little Pony. Moschino has made an announcement that there will be a line of the popular ponies introduced online and in stores during the spring and summer of 2018. This comes as good news for those who like the colorful ponies, but some people just don’t think that they should be enjoyed by adults who are trying to be mature.


When you look at social media sites like Instagram, a site that Doe Deere often uses to display her makeup colors, you’ll usually see women who are adults showcasing everything from bright colors to plastic hearts on a necklace. Women influence what others buy because they post these things for friends and family to see. When they tag someone in a post, then that person sees that images that are associated with it as well as any businesses that are tagged as well. Sometimes, women will include a tag for a business so that people can easily follow the tag to get to the company to get the same look. When someone posts a picture on social media, it’s usually a natural image unless there is a filter used compared to airbrushing and other effects that are used in magazines and professional websites. If there’s a business tag, it’s free advertising, which means that the business can get out more of the items that people enjoy whether they are immature or not.


Going Social

The fashion ideas and trends that you see online and on social media sites are now being seen across the board. They aren’t just in a random store anymore. They are seen on every corner, in schools, and in the workplace. It’s nothing to see green eyeshadow or a purse made of seashells. These items are used to express how the person feels. Even though it can be seen as immature to some people, to the person who wears those fashions or uses those accessories, it’s a statement. Doe Deere has created bold colors for her makeup line that give women the courage to be bold and beautiful no matter how old they are or what they look like. She wants women to embrace life without being afraid to look different. She recently used colors associated with Polly Pocket to create an eyeshadow palette for her customers.


How Old Are You?

Those who are against freedom of expression or who just don’t like the new fashion trends that are seen in society today want to know why people don’t act their age. The items that were worn or used as a child should be left back in that time instead of being brought to adulthood. There are bright colors that can be worn and a few stunning accessories that might be a little odd, but adult women should act like adults. Critics want women to let go of the fantasy world and embrace the world of reality where there aren’t mermaids and puppy dogs on necklaces or keychains. People who grew up in the 1980s have more of a carefree spirit now, just like they did through the decade. It was a time when things were peaceful, and the fashion trends that are coming back to the mainstream might give adults the feeling of peace that has been lost along the way. Getting older doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of the aesthetics or the fun trends that were once popular.


All About Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a woman who is often seen with hair that is a bright color and makeup that is in bold shades. She’s the founder of Lime Crime and takes pride in developing makeup shades that are bold and brazen. Her business is on the internet, most of her customers posting pictures on Instagram.


One of the things that Doe wants her customers to realize is that they can be beautiful no matter what they wear. There are haters, but you have to let those comments roll off your shoulder, moving forward in life so that you’re the best possible person. Her customers are unicorns because they are all different and majestic, just like the fun animal.

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